When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.

especially if it violates or humiliates her


Deadpool V4 #12

C O R A L I N E:  
You probably think this world is a dream come true. But you’re wrong.


That’s not how you flirt, Simon.

#saveintheflesh bbcthree


Anyone we know dead?

New Ask Meme: Send me music that you think describes my aesthetic


I saw a few asks that say “describe my aesthetic” so this one takes a bit more creativity.

Whether it’s the lyrics or just the over all sound, send me a song that you think fits my “aesthetic”


Night Vale Inspires — Part 5

Part 1: [x] Part 2: [x] 
Part 3: [x] Part 4: [x]


i made a jack mix… listen here

oh marcello - regina spektor // kiss the girls — the devil’s carnival // daddy didn’t love me - andrew jackson jihad // half jack - the dresden dolls // little pistol - mother mother // kingdom of welcome addiction - iamx // paris is burning - st. vincent // run boy run - woodkid // bad habit - the dresden dolls // david - noah gundersen // papaoutai - stromae // teenage lobotomy - ramones // trust me - the devil’s carnival // the father who must be killed - morrissey // who are you, really? - mikky ekko // tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence // la vie en rose